Communitas is a Latin word that means people coming together for the good of a community. Communitas is inspired by the vision of a better world and is an attempt to do something about it through volunteerism, investment and ethical, sustainable business practices.

AMCP - Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals

Administrative Body (AMCP)

Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals (AMCP) is an organization consisting of thousands of creative professionals from corporate communication departments, advertising agencies, public relations firms, design shops, production companies and free lancers. Each year, AMCP administers and judges the MarCom Awards, Hermes Creative Awards and AVA Digital Awards. Combined, they receive about 10,000 entries a year.

After each competition, entrants that exhibit generous and compassionate efforts on behalf of nonprofits are acknowledged through grants of at least $500 to the organizations that they help. Through the Communitas Awards, AMCP is now providing a means for recognition for all companies, organizations and individuals involved in the betterment of their communities.

Blueprint: Quotes Rotator

"I have to say I love this organization (AMCP). It is so refreshing to talk with people that care about people as well as preserving the industry."

Debbie Naugle
adPRO Inc., Lusby, MD

"It is so heartwarming to see AMCP's commitment to philanthropic support. I am deeply grateful and know how thankful Hope for Morrope will be. We are honored to be recognized by AMCP."

Karen J. Carpenter
eCity Corporation, Ellicott City, MD

"Your organization is second to none because you are FEARLESS and unafraid of sponsoring those who have vision."

James Ford Nussbaum
Randolph, NJ

"It is very refreshing to have an organization like AMCP support the industry in such a meaningful way. Having the opportunity to give back to the community and causes we hold dear make all the effort worthwhile. Cheers to AMCP!"

Jon Reigelman
Peritus Public Relations, Louisville, KY

"Thank you for your generous donation. By promoting healthy and diverse ocean ecosystems and opposing practices that threaten ocean life and human life, Ocean Conservancy is poised to make great strides over the coming year as a voice for ocean health."

Vikki N. Spruill
Ocean Conservancy, Washington, D.C.

"Thank you doesn't cover my appreciation for what you folks do."

Kent Grabau
Wilsall, MT