Communitas is a Latin word that means people coming together for the good of a community. Communitas is inspired by the vision of a better world and is an attempt to do something about it through volunteerism, investment and ethical, sustainable business practices.

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Winner: Team Detroit, Inc.
Location: Dearborn, MI
Business Type: Creative Agency
Nomination Title: Fighting D in the D
Category: 9. Making A Difference
Winner: Teva Pharmaceuticals
Location: Frazer, PA
Business Type: Pharmaceuticals
Nomination Title: Dress for Success
Category: 1.1 Company Sponsored Volunteer Project
Winner: Texas Medical Association
Location: Austin, TX
Business Type: Nonprofit Membership Organization
Nomination Title: TMA's Hard Hats for Little Heads Bicycle Helmet Giveaway
Category: 6. Making A Difference
Winner: The Norris Group
Location: Yorba Linda, CA
Business Type: Real Estate and Investments
Nomination Title: I Survived Real Estate 2011
Category: 1.3 Community Partnership
Winner: Tilcon New York Inc.
Location: New York & New Jersey
Business Type: Construction Materials
Nomination Title: Community Involvement Program
Category: 3.2 Community Program Involvement